PhD Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, 2016

M.S. Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, 2014

B.S. Marine and Freshwater Biology, University of New Hampshire, 2009               

A.S. Biology, University of New Hampshire Manchester, 2007


  • Plankton Ecology
  • Microbial food web dynamics
  • Plankton response to ocean physics
  • Flow of carbon in the ocean
  • Marine ecosystems response to climate change
  • Linking empirical and remote sensing observations


2017 to present            Postdoctoral fellow – URI Graduate School of Oceanography (GSO)

2011-2017                   Graduate Research Assistant – URI GSO

2009                            Research apprentice – U. Washington Friday Harbor Laboratories

2008-2009                   Undergraduate research – UNH (Dr. Haney’s lab)

2008-2009                   Undergraduate research – UNH (Dr. Watson’s lab)

2007                            Undergraduate research – UNH Manchester (Dr. Prescott’s lab)



2018 – R/V Revelle RR1813, North Pacific, EXport Processes in the Ocean from Remote Sensing (EXPORTS) project ( Importance of grazing on export fluxes.

2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 – R/V Atlantis AT32, AT34, AT38, AT39-06, North Atlantic Aerosols and Marine Ecosystem (NAAMES) project ( Resolving the importance of grazing on phytoplankton annual cycle in the North Atlantic.  

2018 – R/V Endeavor EN 608, North East US Shelf transect, NES-LTER (

2015 – R/V Endeavor EN 553, Georges Bank, Gulf of Maine.

2013 and 2014 – R/V NB Palmer NBP1304 and NBP1410, Western Antarctic Peninsula, Seasonal Trophic Roles of Euphausia superba (STRES) project. Quantifying seasonal variability of protistan herbivory in fjords along the Western
Antarctic Peninsula. 

2012 – R/V Meteor M87, North Atlantic Deep Convection cruise, EUROBASIN project. Quantifying the impact of herbivorous protists grazing on early spring phytoplankton biomass dynamics in the subpolar North Atlantic.      

2011 – R/V Endeavor EN 490, Georges Bank, Gulf of Maine.

2009 (Fall) – Friday Harbor Lab weekly cruise, Pelagic Ecosystem Function Apprenticeship, San Juan Archipelago. Phytoplankton dynamics in relation to tidal forcing. Master Thesis. 

Full CV is be available for download here